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Weston Fitness Members

Welcome Weston Fitness Members

We’re so happy to have you with us! You probably have a few questions about your new gym and your membership. Below are some of the answers to your questions. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call any of our 7 locations or email us!

Sweat Fitness will honor your current membership for any minimum term you have.

Just stop by on your first day to get a new Key Tag and you’re all set! Your membership and billing agreements will transfer seamlessly to Sweat’s database. This is 100% lawful in accordance with the PA Health Club Act so everything is compliant for your protection.  

Your membership to Sweat Fitness includes unlimited group fitness classes, just make sure you sign-up ahead of time for any cycling classes using the free Sweat Fitness App. Sweat’s class sign-up requires a MyIClub sign-in using the email you included for your Weston Fitness membership. If you have any issues logging into the app please email support@netpulse.com.

Glad you asked! Check out our schedules here and selecting from the location of your choice.

Trust us, you’ll be very pleased. The weights and machines are heavy and ample.

A clickable map can be found here.

You will notice you have not been charged for private locker service past 12/15/18. Sweat has lockers but you can not store items overnight. Sweat does however offer towel service!

Nope. Abc Financial is the billing provider for both Weston Fitness and Sweat which makes this partnership even better.

Weston Fitness will be servicing your membership until 12.31.2018, following that date, your membership will be officially be transferred to Sweat and they will have access to your your membership profile to answer any questions you have.