Try Out Steel Mace Training

Try Out Steel Mace Training

Have you started on your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Are you wondering if you’ll be able to keep to your fitness goal this year? Maybe you’ve struggled with fitness goals in the past and don’t feel like trying again this year.

You may be in need of something new and unique to keep you going to the gym in 2019.

You should try out the full body conditioning workout that is steel mace training with Jamie at Sweat Fitness! Jamie is the personal training director for Sweat’s Manayunk location and the only steel mace flow coach in Philadelphia.

You will train with a mace, yes like the ancient warriors. It looks like a steel bar with a weighted ball on one end. The maces range in weight from 7LBS, to 20LBS so those of all fitness levels can get a great workout.

Steel Mace workouts can improve  your grip strength, shoulders, core, and can condition your entire body and cardiovascular system.

Jamie explains, “the Steel Mace is about rotation and anti-rotation, which demands full control of your whole body. So, it’s a full body workout while creating a conscious structure of your body that carries over into everyday life.“

If you think this sounds like the way you want to liven up your fitness life, stop by or call Sweat Fitness Manayunk and ask to schedule an appointment with Jamie!