The Benefits of Using Our SWEAT Fitness App

The Benefits of Using Our SWEAT Fitness App

In case you haven’t heard yet, SWEAT Fitness has proudly announced an innovative and advanced fitness application for your mobile device! The SWEAT App is compatible with iPhone and Android devices with free downloads in their respective app stores. It’s without a doubt that we all want to better ourselves at the gym and keeping track of everything we do is time consuming and inconvenient. To solve this problem, health and fitness apps have been emerging in popularity because they make it a little easier to keep record of our daily exercises by automatically tracking our activities.

Personalizing Your Workouts
While fitness trackers and apps aren’t necessarily new, the SWEAT App complements the technology you already have to make your gym experience more personal and relevant to you. By having a personal fitness app that is specifically tailored to you and SWEAT, working out will be more fun, intelligent and rewarding. The SWEAT App allows SWEAT Members to scan into clubs with digital barcodes that makes it easier getting in and out when time is of the essence.

From there, SWEAT App users can easily monitor, track and record workouts in real time to effectively observe exercise routines. This will give users the ability to set workout standards and goals because you can personally challenge yourself to meet or exceed your pervious workout! This tool can give you the motivation you need to perform your best and get the most out of your workout. Additionally, the SWEAT App allows your device to sync and connect with other fitness apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and more for an enhanced detail overview of your exercise regime.

Getting Social
Another benefit of the SWEAT App is the ability to connect and share workout trips on Facebook. This feature gives you the option of sharing your successes with all of your friends! Not only will you get social with the SWEAT App, but you can find out important information about Group Ex schedules and enroll in SWEAT Cycling classes. Scheduling appointments with a personal trainer and a registered dietitian at SWEAT Fitness is also available through the app – giving you everything you need in the palm of your hand at one of the best gyms in Philadelphia!

Downloading the SWEAT App is just the right choice to enhance your workouts! Majority of gym-goers use their phones to play music while they exercise so it’ll become second nature to benefit from the app as well. And to make working out a little more fun, the SWEAT App runs SWEAT Fitness Challenges that can unleash your competitive side with other members around you. Those who participate in the challenges will try reaching the specific goal first so it’s up to you to go hard!