The Benefits of Indoor Spin and Cycling Classes

The Benefits of Indoor Spin and Cycling Classes

There’s a certain appeal to jumping on a bike. The endorphins that come from any form of group exercise classes, for one.

But for many people, factoring in some up-tempo beats and a hyped-up instructor yelling inspirational phrases takes that appeal to the next level. And that, in essence, is what spin classes Philadelphia are all about.

But for those of us who have never felt the draw of an indoor cycling class, or still experience flashbacks of those ‘90s spin classes that left even the most die-hard fitness fanatic a noodle-legged pile of goo, there is an untapped world of benefits waiting to be claimed.

And 4 of those benefits are backed by science. Here they are.

Indoor Cycling Delivers HIIT Results

A six-week study at Penn State University has shown that two 30-minute indoor cycling classes can deliver the same transformative results of other high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises—like the conventional burpee-squat-lunge combos that made CrossFit famous.

The study showed that adding two intensive cycling classes a week can reduce body fat mass, improve strength, and boost cardio fitness. They’ll also help with tone and body composition, reduce negative Type 2 Diabetes markers, and improve total cholesterol levels.

The clincher? They’ll also keep the body burning fat after the workout is done.

Cycling Classes Solidify Long-Term Fitness

In a study on spin and cycling classes, conducted over eight weeks, showed that cycling classes can be more effective at getting new trainees addicted to working out.

The study, which saw participants take part in three indoor cycling classes each week, showed a “95% compliance rate”. In layman’s terms: most of the class participants didn’t miss a class for two months.

Taking into account that 50% of new gym members quit within 6 months of joining, this level of compliance speaks volumes about the appeal of a bike, some hot tunes, and a joyfully frenzied instructor.

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Indoor Cycling Classes Lowers Stress and Improves Wellbeing

Everyone knows exercise drives an increase in endorphins—those happy hormones that leave even the most jaded gym bunny buzzing post-workout. To reduce stress, lower the markers of depression and poor mental health, and improve emotional wellness, exercise is a powerful secret weapon.

Indoor cycling classes are no different.

A 2018 study conducted over a three-year period showed that cycling was the second-best form of exercise for reducing stress, depression, and mental health issues in participants. The study, which drew on results from more than a million participants, placed team sports at the top of the list.

And what is an indoor cycling class if not a team cycling sport? Every class has the potential to build camaraderie, accountability, and the satisfaction of working towards a common goal.

Group Exercise Cycling Means Never Battling the Elements

No one needs a study to tell them that indoor cycling happens indoors—where the weather doesn’t matter.

The temperature at your local cycling classes is consistently cool at the peak of a summer scorcher, and dry even when there’s a torrential downpour outside. Visibility is always good, traffic is non-existent, and there’s no bike maintenance to be done.

For the clumsiest fitness fanatics, or those who have never even ridden a normal bike, there’s an added bonus, too: (almost) nobody has ever fallen off a stationary bike.