#SWEATtips: How To Jumpstart Your Metabolism

#SWEATtips: How To Jumpstart Your Metabolism

The weather is still freezing, but summer bodies are forged in the winter! When it comes to losing weight, some have a hard time getting their metabolism to kick into high gear. Your metabolism may as well be the driving force behind how much weight you can lose because it’s the process where your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. There are many factors when it comes how fast you metabolism works but check out these tips that may give it a little boost!

1. Exercise
The most obvious way to boost your metabolism is hitting the gym. When you work out, you help your metabolism burn away those extra holiday calories and you could start to see results on the scale. To further enhance your work out, seek out the help of a personal trainer in Philadelphia. They will be able to give you custom-tailored exercise regimes that will not only improve your physical fitness but also give your metabolism the lift it needs.

Additionally, be sure to add in some weight training. Gaining muscle can help increase your resting metabolism rate which means some muscle can help you lose more calories when you’re not exercising.

2. Eat Omega-3s
Foods that contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna and herring help balance blood sugar and inflammation. This ends up regulating your metabolism for improved working efficiency. Omega-3s also have the potential to reduce the resistance of the hormone leptin – which research has linked to how quickly fat is burned.

3. Cup of Joe
By drinking a cup of coffee, you could vamp up your metabolism by 5 to 8 percent! If you’re not a coffee drinker than a cup of brewed tea could raise it up to 12 percent. Researchers from Japan suggest that the antioxidant catechin in tea is the reason for the boost.

4. Cold Water
A study from Germany reported that drinking 6 cups of cold water every day can increase your resting metabolism by 50 calories. After a year, that could be 5 pounds gone by just getting in a little fluid! Not only will water help you, but drinking enough water on a daily basis can keep you hydrated and healthy.

5. Avoid Trans Fat
While many foods are being label as ‘trans fat free,’ you should try to avoid it whenever you can. Trans fat can slow down your metabolism and that will decrease the chance of you losing weight. Trans fat ends up binding to fat and liver cells which will make it harder to shed those pounds.

6. Organic
Choosing organic products might give your body the extra push it needs to get that metabolism burning fast. Some studies suggest that non-organic foods are contaminated with pesticides that can interfere with your metabolism because the pollutants are stored in fat cells. By switching to organic, these toxics won’t hinder your energy-burning process.