Our Sweat Fitness app is here to keep you connected to your gym and to help you meet your fitness goals. Send guest passes to friends, earn rewards, complete goals, and sign up for class using our free app. Download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store today!

Find a Class allows you to view all our up-to-date group fitness schedules for every location. This section also allows you to sign up online for cycling classes. No more showing up early to sign the sheet!

Sweat Rewards are back! Gain points by scanning in, sending guest passes, tracking your workouts, completing personal training sessions and more. From there you can redeem your points for awesome rewards.

The Challenges button allows you to compete in any challenges listed. You can compete with anyone using the app and keep up-to-date on your progress.

Click on the Deals button to find out any deals that you can take advantage of at the gym! To claim a deal save it and present it to the front desk.

The Connected Apps button allows you to connect your fitness trackers with our app to store all your information in one place. If you connect your fitness tracker you can log workouts that could count towards winning a contest from our Challenges button.

Create goals for yourself and keep track of your progress with this button.

Here is where you can record your workouts if you don’t use a fitness tracker. You can manually input your workout or start a recording of a new workout. You can also use XCapture which allows you to take a picture of your cardio machine and your workout will be automatically logged.

The Training button allows you to inquiry for a personal training session with one of our talented personal trainers.

In the Club Feed section you can stay up to date with anyone else working out at your club. Record your workout and share it with the rest of those at your club. Here you can Applaud (like) a friend’s workout or even comment and share your exercises with others.

Working out with a friend has been proven to keep people on track when trying to reach fitness goals. In this section you can send them an instant guest pass right to their phone, social media, or email! *See desk for additional details.

Sign in through your MyIClub account to view your account. You can also make payments, see check-ins, and change your credit card information right from your phone.

Quickly share a workout or connect with us on social media through this button.

Read announcements about Sweat or read blog articles that might be beneficial to your workout.

Edit your name, avatar, and general information about yourself that is used only with-in the app in this section.


What is the difference between my app sign in and MyIclub?
Your app login is just to get into the app. MyIclub connects to your Sweat membership and allows you to sign up for classes and check your account. We recommend you use the same email for both to not get confused!

Tip: Make sure you use the email you used to sign up for your Sweat membership or your account won’t work. If you need a reminder of what it is just give any Sweat a call and they can check for you.

When I try to login to MyIclub it says I don’t have an account registered.
That’s easy! Just click the link on the bottom of the screen that says “Register Now” and create an account using the same email that you used to sign up for your membership.

When I try to login to MyIclub I already have an account but it says the login information is incorrect.
Use the email you used to sign up for a membership and then click “Forgot Password”. It should send you an email to reset your password.

What is the difference between “Book Now” and “Add to Calendar”
when I sign up for classes?

“Book Now” is the button to click to save your seat in class. “Add to Calendar” will add the class as an event on your calendar on your phone but it will not save your seat so make sure you click “Book Now” if you’re trying to sign up for class.

I accidentally redeemed a reward what do I do?
Just call or visit the front desk at any Sweat Fitness and we can fix it for you!

I want to check group fitness schedules at other clubs. Where do I go?
Click on the “Find a Class” button. Your home club schedule will show up. Look for the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen with “search” underneath it. Click that and all other locations will come up!

If you have any other questions or problems with the app visit your nearest club or email support@sweatfitness.com.