• SWEAT WOW: SWEAT Box-Conditioning

    SWEAT WOW: SWEAT Box-Conditioning

    MAY. 05, 2014

    This intense kickboxing-inspired workout was designed by personal trainer Mike Newell from SWEAT Fitler Square/Queen Village. This workout can be used to improve performance in the sport of boxing/ kick-boxing. It is also a general use workout to improve core strength, lower body power, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Stop by SWEAT Fitness Fitler Square today to receive a free workout and demonstration of the Sweat-Box Conditioning WOW!

    SWEAT WOW: SWEAT-Box Conditioning

    * Demonstrations by Personal Trainer, Group Ex Instructor, and Club Director Mike Newell and Front Desk/Member Sales and Personal Trainer Austin Ragno. Video by Austin Ragno.

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