• Sweat Success Story: Jen Opdycke

    Sweat Success Story: Jen Opdycke

    MAY. 31, 2016

    Sweat Success story, Jen Opdycke. In the before photo, I’m about 220 lbs. In the after photo, I’m about 165. Currently, I’m at 157. I started in February 2013 and have stayed with Sweat and a healthy lifestyle ever since. I’ve done this all on my own without a trainer (though I could use some help with my form on squats and deadlifts). I was a depressed, miserable, out-of-shape, nicotine and food-addicted alcoholic. I had several deaths in my family, including my little brother, and I just let myself go. One day, I woke-up, started from scratch, and worked with what I had. Sweat became my second home and I started running, as well. Now, I can’t imagine myself any other way.

    There is no turning back and when I turned 40 last year, I felt a lot better than the day I turned 30. I’ve been a member of several other gyms in this city without ever feeling comfortable. Some of that was me and my non-commitment, but I also know that if I didn’t feel good in my environment, I would be elsewhere. Sweat and its members and employees feel like an extension of family to me. Thank you!

    Congratulations Jen, we are so happy to be apart of your journey and are so happy to have you at Sweat!

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