As a Sweat member, you are entitled to a free 15 minute consultation with one of our Registered Dietitians. We are excited to announce that Yummy Body Nutrition (YBN), Philly’s leading nutrition practice is bringing their dietitians in-house to Sweat Fitness. Did you know that you may be entitled to 3-10 FREE nutrition counseling sessions through your health plan?
YBN offers private one-on-one nutrition sessions by board-certified registered dietitians. Their dietitians welcome individuals at every size and every level of nutrition and fitness. They pride themselves in providing a safe environment for individuals to come in and focus on their health. Whether you are coming in because you want to lose weight or to lower your cholesterol, they will tailor your diet to fit your lifestyle. You’ll learn practical solutions to balance your diet and lifestyle, which foods to eat to feel satisfied, and how to change your relationship with food for a lifetime!

10 Reasons to Visit a Philadelphia Registered Dietitian:

1. You would like to gain or lose weight.
2. You have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
3. You experience digestive issues like acid reflux, incontinence, bloating, etc.
4. You need accountability to make better choices.
5. You would like to learn how to eat healthier.
6. You are a recreational athlete or have specific fitness goals.
7. You cook for your family or partner and would like healthy recipes to suit everyones’ needs.
8. You have food sensitivities or allergies.
9. You would like more energy.
10. You want to prevent specific diseases that run in your family.

Meet our talented Philadelphia Registered Dietitians below!

Ha Nguyen, RD, LDN

Ha Nguyen is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and the founder of Yummy Body Nutrition. She earned a Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Food Sciences from Drexel University and holds a certification in Adult Weight Management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. She is also ServSafe certified in food safety by the National Restaurant Association. Outside of her practice, Ha is President of the Philadelphia Dietetic Association and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Ha has appeared on local media stations such as Fox 29 News and has been featured in print and web such as Reader’s Digest, Prevention Magazine, and Self Magazine.

Shaylyn Lynch, MS, RD, LDN

Shaylyn Lynch received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from Pennsylvania State University, completed her dietetic internship with a concentration in diabetes from Sodexo, and completed her Master’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island. Prior to becoming a Registered Dietitian, Shaylyn worked as a wellness coach for two and a half years helping clients through behavior change to make lifestyle changes for long-term success.   Although she is eager to help each client she sees, she is especially passionate about diabetes prevention and diabetes management.
In her spare time, Shaylyn loves spending time with her fiancé, her family and friends, and her dog, Bella. She enjoys traveling, reading fiction books on her kindle, and trying out new restaurants.

One-on-one nutrition counseling

All of our Philadelphia Registered Dietitians accept a range of insurances in the area. Please fill out our inquiry form below for more information or to book a session.