Sweat at Home: Day 17

Sweat at Home: Day 17

Time for some glutes and abs! If you have any resistance bands wear them during the glutes portion. Tied pantyhose will also work!

30 Step Out Squats (Alternating sides)
20 Jumping Squats
1 Minute of Hip Bridges with a 20 Second Hold
at the top on the last repetition.

Repeat all on one side then switch:
15 Fire Hydrants
15 Bent Leg Cross Overs
15 Plank Leg Circles
15 Plank Leg Circles Other Direction

30 Mountain Climbers (total)
30 Same Knee to Same Elbow Planks (total)
30 Opposite Knee to Opposite Elbow Planks (Total)

Complete 1 minute each of:
Leg Raises
Flutter Kicks

​If you like punishment repeat all of this one more time. 😆