#STACKTHATPAPER: SWEAT Paper Donations for Philly Schools

#STACKTHATPAPER: SWEAT Paper Donations for Philly Schools

Fall is upon us, which means new wardrobes, new workout routines, new pumpkin-flavored things, and a new school year. While these new things usually generate excitement and eager anticipation, this has not been the experience for many Philadelphia students. With the school district’s severe budget crisis, students across the city have returned to classrooms lacking many supplies essential to their success.

One of the most basic and critical needs: paper

Paper tends to be a resource that gets overlooked in many back-to-school drives, leaving some classrooms with great supplies that can’t even be utilized because the school has run out of copy paper for worksheets and other basic assignments. In fact, due to the lack of funding, many teachers are having to buy paper out of pocket just to keep their classrooms functional.

Enter #STACKTHATPAPER – a friendly competition among Philly-based businesses to donate the most paper to the School District of Philadelphia’s neighborhood schools. Local organizations across the city are stepping up to move paper from our copy rooms, home offices, and office supply stores, into the local classrooms that really need it. Now, the SWEAT Family has entered the ring to #StackThatPaper for our kids.

Here’s where you come in #SWEATMEs:

  1. Bring your stacks to SWEAT from now until October 25: Random copy paper around your house? Extra reams in your office? Pass by a Staples or Office Max on your work commute or on your way to SWEAT? We’ll take it all at any of our convenient 8 gym locations – and you get a free gym pass for yourself or for your buddy!
  2. Spread the word with #STACKTHATPAPER: Share your donations on Twitter or Instagram to encourage other #SWEATMEs, family members, and friends to start stacking!

Entering a classroom without basic supplies does not foster excitement about the year ahead. Let’s #StackThatPaper and make sure our students are equipped to succeed.

For more details about the citywide #STACKTHATPAPER campaign, visit: leadnomics.com/about/stackthatpaper