Chris Harris | SWEAT Personal TrainerABOUT CHRIS:
I am a strong believer that hard work pays off. I do what I love everyday. You will do things you think you can’t do when training with me: your mind will be blown – all you have to do is take a ticket and hop on the ride. I was trained by an amazing trainer, Jon Porter, while training to play in the NFL. Most of my training style and techniques are stemmed from him. Working out is something I enjoy doing. It’s all about surprising yourself everyday.

  • Training Location: SWEAT Queen Village
  • Mantra“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”
  • Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
  • Favorite musical artist: Pantera
  • Favorite song: Give it up by: Pepper
  • 5 go-to artists on my playlist: Pantera, Crowbar, Pepper, Sublime, Tight Lungs
  • Guilty pleasure: Carrot Cake
  • Healthy meal: Steak and Taters
  • Healthy snack: Strawberries
  • Healthy drink: Gatorade
  • Vacation spot: Costa Rica
  • 1 thing your clients don’t know about you: I play drums in a punk band
  • Top 3 items on my Bucket List: (1) Complete a triathlon (2) Wrestle an alligator (3) Go to a Super Bowl (specifically a Super Bowl where the Eagles play in and win)