Personal Training Philadelphia

Personal Training Philadelphia

Training IS Personal Again.

Working with a fitness trainer in Philadelphia should be about living better, moving better and feeling good about yourself — no matter who you are or where you’re starting. At our six gym locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area, we’ve created personal training programs that make you feel comfortable and get you into shape faster regardless of your current fitness level.

Those in the Philadelphia area who are looking for gyms with personal trainers should look no further; we’ve got the comprehensive approach that will fit your personal skills and overall improvement goals.

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one month of training for $99*

Personal Training Benefits

Fitness Goals

Working with a personal trainer is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals faster and more effectively.


Can't get yourself to push out that extra rep or burpee. Our trainers will help you stay motivated and help you workout to your fullest potential.

Prevent Injury

Injuries can happen and our trainers are here to make sure that it doesn't. They'll teach you how to workout safely and effectively.


It's easy to drive right by the gym on your way home but when you have an appointment with a trainer you have no excuse.

It's Fun

For some people working out can be a drag but personal training makes it fun and you'll be wondering where time went.


Everyone is busy and it can be hard to make time to workout. Our trainers will build a schedule that fits your time and fitness goals.

Training Options

Half Hour
Don’t have a lot of time for your workouts? Want to learn how to use a certain piece of equipment? Then half hour sessions may be a good fit for you and your budget.

Full Hour
Have a specific fitness goal? Are you a beginner? During our full hour sessions we will map out your fitness plan to meet your goals even on the days your’e not at the gym.

We have plenty of options and trainers. We want to create a package that fits your schedule and budget. Come in for a free introductory session so we can build you the perfect package.


“I was stuck in a cycle of feeling so self conscious and bad about my body that I was embarrassed to go to the gym. The six weeks of Personal Training was exactly what I needed to get past this. I lost weight and inches without strict dieting but most importantly, I feel Fitter, stronger and much more confident. 30 minutes a few times a week fit easily into my hectic school and work schedule, and I even enjoyed a social life AND a two week vacation and still saw results. Thank you SWEAT!” – Becca

Becca lost 13 inches total and 9lbs with our new Sweat Fitness Personal Training Challenge!

About the 6 Week Challenge

Do you want to make a change? Whether it's building muscle or losing weight our Personal Training Challenge has you covered.

You Get All of this Stuff!

The challenge consists of 3 half hour or full hour sessions per week for 6 weeks. It also includes a free meeting with one of our talented nutritionists to help get you started.

Not Convinced?

We know you're going to see results but if you don't believe us we have plenty of testimonials! Just email us if you want to see more at

Personal training sale

one month of training for $99*

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