Lisa Felder | SWEAT Group Ex InstructorABOUT LISA:
I’m someone who never sits still and loves to be active!  I spend a lot of my time outside of the gym running. My students experience a different class every time.  I like to mix it up and do new moves and change from cardio to weights throughout the class to keep the body guessing. I had my heart broken when I turned 21 and decided to join a gym.  I went Monday-Friday in the morning for Group Ex and thought that I had what it takes to become an instructor.  So I did! I stay motivated to stay fit because I want to feel and look as healthy as possible!  I think it’s key to be a great role model, and by staying in great shape, I think that students get motivated as well.

  • Classes: Cardio Body Blast: Every other Monday – alternating with Geriann @ 9:30am, SWEAT Conshohocken
  • Mantras: “If you walk, it’ll take double the time. “ (That’s what I think to myself when I’m struggling while I’m running…)
  • Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
  • Favorite song: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”
  • 5 go-to artists on my playlist:Ke$ha, LMFAO, Chris Brown, Black Eyed   Peas, Pitbull
  • Guilty pleasure: Chips
  • Healthy snack: Apples and cottage cheese, or baby bell.
  • Healthy drink: Water
  • Other job:  Independent housecleaning company
  • Family: No kids, but I have a pug named Cutie
  • 1 thing your students don’t know about you:  I love to run and throw the football on the beach