Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Sweat Fitness now operates six locations across the greater Philadelphia area. They include One South Broad, Fitler Square, Manayunk, Queen Village, Old City and South Philly. Our expansion is a testament to the services we offer and accomplishments of our members. Find our Group Fitness schedules on our app that conveniently lists all classes and times for the month. That means you’ll never miss your yoga, kickboxing, pilates, cycling classes and more.


As you know we are doing our part to help flatten the curve by following the city’s policies which requires us to make some adjustments. We are offering a limited group fitness schedule with some of your favorite instructors indoors and out! Each class meets out front of the designated location if it is outdoors. No equipment is required but we do highly recommend you bring a mat. Indoors classes are limited and reservations are required. If there is inclement weather outdoor classes will be cancelled that day.

7:00am – Bootcamp (Indoors)
Old City with Mike D Jones

6:00pm – Yoga (Indoors)
Queen Village with Sabina

5:30pm – Circuits (Outdoors)
Fitler Square with Meghan

5:30pm – HIIT (Indoors & Outdoors)
Queen Village with Laura D

6:00pm – HIIT (Indoors & Out)
Manayunk with Courtney Mullen

6:00pm – Yoga (Indoors)
Old City with Sabina

7:00am – Bootcamp (Indoors)
Old City with Michael Jones

5:30pm – Circuits (Indoors)
Queen Village with Laura D

6:00pm – Sweat Cycling (Indoors)
South Philly with Willa

6:30pm – Sweat Cycling (Indoors)
Manayunk with Courtney Mullen

12:30pm – Bootcamp (Indoors)
One South Broad with Meghan

5:30pm – Bootcamp (Indoors & Outdoors)
South Philly with Willa

6:00pm – HIIT (Outdoors)
Fitler Square with Brandon Crooks


One Broad

Fitler Square

Queen Village

South Philly

View all our schedules, reserve a spot in class, or even set class reminders in your calendar by downloading our Sweat Fitness App today!

To view class descriptions you can download the app or see them all here.