Getting in Shape Got a Whole lot Easier

Getting in Shape Got a Whole lot Easier

Everyone knows that eating right is the first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when you add in some exercise, it just strengthens the process. Whether someone has the goal to lose weight or just wants to get in shape for a 5K, working out has many benefits that can vastly improve your health.

SWEAT Fitness knows our members all have very personal reasons why they utilize our gym and we like to help them achieve their goals, no matter what they are! With that being said, we are proud to announce a new program to expand our gym offerings to further help everyone be their best self!

Our new Corporate Wellness Program is geared to help companies escalate employee productivity and performance! The program offers discounted gym memberships with the ability to workout at any of our 8 locations. Each company that participates can get customized, individualized workout programs tailored to the needs of their employees to reach optimal results. Not only will this new program boost morale, but it also can improve moods because scientific studies state that exercise can increase brain activity which will produce more of those good feeling hormones.

“This new initiative helps combat the top three reasons why employees don’t work out: lack of time, lack of motivation and lack of energy,” said SWEAT Corporate Wellness Director. “Not only will it help them become healthy, but it gives them something fun to do after a long day at work.”

The Corporate Wellness Program features access to personal trainers, nutritional training, biometric screenings, stretching classes and company organized walking programs. This new initiative saves over $600 a year and can get company employees to start socializing with each other. Hitting the gym for a work out benefits every single one of our members and may contribute to cutting healthcare costs. With 90% of healthcare costs being associated with preventable conditions, working out and exercising can help prevent numerous diseases while building stamina to boost overall energy!

SWEAT Fitness prides itself on providing the best work out experience possible while helping our members achieve their goals. We offer 225 exercise classes a week as part of our Group Ex program. These classes will definitely keep you on your toes and make for an exciting trip to the gym each time!