Nutrition Bars

Health bars, nutrition bars, energy bars, protein bars, whatever you want to call it…these have got to be one of the most confusing “health” food items on the market! What makes a bar “good” anyways? We’ve got you covered. Our Sweat dietitians did a round-up of their favorite bars for you. But first, some quick and simple tips to note about bars. A good bar:

  • Has at least 10 g of protein 
  • Has ingredients that you can understand and pronounce
  • Is around 200 calories or less as a snack or 250 calories or more as a meal replacement 

Raw Rev – 180 calories I 10-15 g protein I 17-21 g carb I 10-14 g fiber I 2-5 g sugar 

If you’re a Fiber One bar fan, these bars give a whole new meaning with just as much fiber as there is protein in these bars. It’s uncommon to see high fiber and high protein bars. 

No Cow – 100 calories I 21 g protein I 25 g carb I 8-18 g fiber I 1 g sugar

For vegans, getting adequate protein can be challenging sometimes. These bars are vegan friendly bars high in protein with a whopping 20 g per serving at least and also low in sugar. 

Kirkland Signature Protein Bars – 190 calories I 21 g protein I 22 g carb I 15 g fiber I 1 g sugar 

If you’re a Costco member and like to buy bars in bulk, these Kirkland brand bars are good options. They come in chocolate brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors. They come out to be ~$2 per bar which isn’t immensely cheaper than other bars but for the amount of protein and fiber you get, it’s worth the value. 

RX bars – 210 calories I 12 g protein I 23 g carb I 5 g fiber I 13 g sugar I 0 g added sugar 

It’s clear that these bars have no hidden ingredients with its transparent food labeling right on the front of it’s packaging. There is no added sugar in these products either. The sugar purely comes from the dates. 

Lara Bar Protein – 240 calories I 11 g protein I 25 g carb I 4 g fiber I 18 g sugar I 2 g added sugar 

Like their original larabar product line, this protein line has the same great list of simple ingredients with just pea protein added to give it an extra boost of protein. It’s also plant-based friendly. 

Whole Lotta Cliff Bars 240 calories I 10 g protein I 24 g carb I 4 g fiber I 17 g sugar I 0 g added sugar 

Pure simple ingredients from fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. Compared to the original Clif Bars, the “Whole Lotta” line has 0 grams of added sugar which is why it made it to our top picks for bars. 

GoMacro 260 – 290 calories I 10-12 g protein I 30-39 g carb I 1-4 g fiber I 10-14 g sugar 

These bars are perfect for active individuals with its higher carbohydrate content. 

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