This is a question that we at Sweat Fitness get all the time from our clients, and it’s a relatively complex one to answer. After all, so much of your workout is personal, and a lot of the exercises and schedules that would work for one person would be a disaster for someone else. Still, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you get the best results – without regrets.

Don’t Switch Too Quickly if You Are a Beginner
When you are first starting out, it takes your body a while to adjust to all of the changes and new stress levels of working out, so switching up your routine after a week or two won’t have allowed your muscles to develop properly. The key here is to make sure that you have a solid routine that is geared towards the types of results that you want and then stick with it for about six to eight weeks. Having done that, you can move on to something else if you feel the need.

Switch When Your Current Workout Stops Being Effective
Sooner or later, most people get to a point at which they have built up enough endurance and muscle that their routine becomes standard or even easy. If they continue that same exercise regimen long enough, they can plateau in such a way that it becomes hard to change things up. If you have been at a certain workout for a while and feel that it’s stopped producing results, it’s probably time to move on.

Switch When You Are Getting Bored
Boredom is essentially a sign that the workout that you are doing is no longer challenging or interesting to you, and you may want to try mixing it up. Sticking with something that doesn’t excite you just for the sake of routine will not only be ineffective, but may make you reluctant to go to the gym, which is definitely counterproductive! However, you’ll need to have a rational threshold of boredom. If you are prone to jumping from activity to activity from week to week, you won’t be seeing the results you want.

Switch When Your Goals Have Changed
If you decide that you would rather focus on strengthening your upper body than endurance training, the exercises you perform will obviously have to change. Make sure to change your routine gradually so that you allow your muscles an adequate amount of time to adjust. If you notice yourself becoming too tired or sore, take a break for anywhere from three days to a week. It won’t set you back, but it will give your muscles the healing time that they need.

As you become more and more advanced, you can shorten the amount of time between changing routines to a certain extent. Nonetheless, for most people, it’s a good idea to avoid switching things up more often than every few weeks or so. Check out our weight loss facilities in Philadelphia for more recommendations and personal training!