• Buddy FREE Weekends in October

    Buddy FREE Weekends in October

    OCT. 01, 2014

    Need someone to spot you in the weight room? Want your BFF to take the bike next to you in SWEAT CYCLING or the mat next to you in yoga? This month is the time to do it! Just show this blog post to the front desk at all 8 of our SWEAT locations throughout the month of October and your buddy works out with you for FREE! Click here to see our locations & weekend hours and here to check out our Group Ex weekend fitness classes.

    According to Men’s Fitness, there are 6 important reasons to come to the gym and work out with a buddy:

    1. You’ll be more motivated: Feel free to cancel on yourself, but be a flake and cancel on your friend?  Less likely, right? Peer pressure isn’t always negative pressure!
    2. You’ll have more fun: Instead of shooting the breeze at the water cooler, do it on our treadmills.  Working out with someone else also gives you the opportunity to lead workouts, switch out routines, and learn from each other.
    3. You’ll work out harder: When your buddy is next to you in Group Ex, you feed off each other’s energy.  When you work out with someone who’s at the same fitness level as you, you’ll grow together faster than if you work out on your own.
    4. You’ll go in on personal training together: Group training rates are much easier on the pocket book than one-on-one training.  Of course don’t forget that SWEAT offers a free 30 minute session for you and your buddy to first-time personal training clients or #SWEATMEs who haven’t trained with us in 6 months.
    5. You’ll always have a spotter: Got a friend who’s got your back? We all need one!  Who wants to count reps when your buddy will do it for you. Focus more of your energy on your set and get the added support and encouragement.
    6. You’ll look better together: Birds of a feather flock together: you’ve heard it before! The old adage comes with solid scientific evidence: Researchers at Harvard have found you can “catch” negative and positive affects on health & wellness from those who are around you.  Be that one friend and have that one friend who will lift you up and make you better!

    And best of all? These benefits are FREE every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday in October.  See you and your buddy at SWEAT!

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