The Top Five Back Exercises to Put on Muscle (Part 2)

The Top Five Back Exercises to Put on Muscle (Part 2)

Are you hitting the gym to build some muscle mass? If you are, hopefully you haven’t forgotten about your back! You back muscles are critically important when it comes to getting toned and if you’ve been waiting to find out the top back exercises to put on some muscle, we’ve got you covered! In the post of The Top Five Back Exercises to Put on Muscle (Part 1), we discussed the deadlift and pull-ups as two recommendations and in this continuation, you’ll get the next three to get those back muscles pumped.

Barbell Rows – We know that the bench press is the ultimate muscle building chest exercise and when it comes to developing upper back muscles, the barbell row is the king for the back. One of the greatest things about barbell rows is that you can load it up on the weight and take advantage of true strength development. It’s a staple in the muscle development department and it shouldn’t be left out of your routine.

To start, grab the bar with wide-grip palms, down method, and stabilize your feet in line with your shoulder width and keep your knees bent at a 15-degree angle. Stick your chest out and flatten your lower back while pulling the weigh into your upper abdomen as you send your elbows backward. Make this a fluid motion during your reps and avoid letting momentum from taking over because it could risk proper posture. As a tip, change your hand spacing after each set (or workout) so you can get complete back development.

Dumbbell Rows – Take your dumbbell exercises to another level by honing in on the back with muscle development by trying this method! Grab a set of dumbbells and hold them with a palms-down grip in front of your thighs. You’ll want to have a similar posture as to the barbell rows with your chest up, a flattened back and knees slightly bent. Lean forward with your waist enough to make your torso almost parallel to the floor and let the dumbbells hang down in front of your legs. Have your eyes fixed on the floor and begin to pull towards your upper abdomen while bringing your elbows out in a wide arc motion. When you bring them up fully, squeeze your back, hold it for roughly 1 to 2 seconds and then lower the dumbbells.

Be sure you choose the right amount of weight because you don’t want to over-compensate with other muscles besides your back. You’ll want to focus on building your back muscles, so don’t dip your legs because you could risk injury.

Seated Cable Rows – When you are trying to target multiple parts of your back, seated cable rows and help build muscle in the middle and upper back. Using low-pulley cable equipment, make sure you firmly secure your feet on the platform and grasp the handles with an over-hand grip. Sit back with your arms full extended in front of you and keep your torso stationary. You’ll want your legs straight with a very slight bend and your upper body at a 90-degree angle (sitting straight up). To begin, pull your elbows back, past your sides and bring the cable towards your waist. Once you have the cable pulled back, hold the position for a few seconds while squeezing your shoulder blades together before disengaging with the pull.

This exercise can help build up your middle and upper back muscles as well as improve your muscle balance in the shoulder and helps with your posture.

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