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Here at Sweat, everyone is welcome! Sweat was born and raised in Philly by people born and raised in Philly. We are loyal to our members and want to provide them with the best. We offer 4 locations in the Philadelphia area and they are all included in our membership. No matter where you are in town you get get your Sweat on. We are committed to providing a great environment in which everyone can feel comfortable to achieve their fitness goals. Our staff and fitness professionals are here to help you on your fitness journey!

Personal Training

At our four gym locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area, we’ve created personal training programs that help you meet your fitness goals quickly, effectively and at a great price. Our staff will help you find the personal trainer that best fits your style and goals. Come try out a session on us today.

Unlimited Group Fitness

Stop paying per class at multiple boutiques and pay one low price for unlimited classes. Here at Sweat all our group fitness classes are included in your membership. You can take any class at any of our 4 locations. You can even save a spot in some of our classes to ensure you never miss it. Take a look at just some of the classes we offer.


Learn the fundamental postures and movements that will introduce you to the practice of yoga. You will learn the basics of Power Yoga, alignment and precision, and flow.


High Intensity Interval Training designed to burn calories, build strength and endurance. Start with a warm-up and then blast through rounds of exercises that range from cardio conditioning to toning with weights. Burn more, go harder and push into your next level of fitness.


The intense abdominal workout solution for all levels that focus on toning and defining abdominals - helping to maintain good posture and a healthy back.


High Intensity Interval Training is a training technique in which you give all-out 100% effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short sometimes active recovery periods HIIT gets and keeps your heart rate upend burns more fat in less time.

Sweat Cycling

A cardio workout without comparison where you'll climb the biggest hills, sprint across flats and more. Begin pedaling and let go as Philadelphia¹s Top Spinning Coaches take you on a tour de force on specially designed Schwinn Spinning stationary bikes. Sign up for class online or on our app 7 days ahead of class.


A 55 minute fusion of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates targeting all of the muscle groups while creating a well balanced, long, lean and strong body. Set to a great musical playlist that is sure to inspire.

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Suburban Access

$45per month
12 Month Contract
Access to Manayunk Only
Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
Access to Elite Personal Training

All Club Access

$59per month
12 Month Contract
Access to All 4 of Our Convenient Locations
Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
Elite Personal Training


$75per month
No Contract
Access to All 4 of Our Convenient Locations
Unlimited Group Fitness Classes
Elite Personal Training

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What Our Customers Say

“ Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. I know I needed a drastic change in my lifestyle if I wanted to accomplish my goals. I joined Sweat Fitness on One South Broad with determination to lose weight. I’m now there 5-6 days a week taking group fitness classes. I also took advantage of consulting with a dietitian through Sweat Fitness. Both of these things resulted in losing 13 pounds in a little over a month! I didn’t think it was possible, but it is! It’s an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to go back to the gym tomorrow!“
"Absolutely one of my favorite gyms in the city. I joined Sweat when starting my MBA in Philly. The gym has every type of equipment one could want or need, and all of it is very well maintained. The gym as a whole is kept extremely clean, equipment up to date, and machines working. The classes offered are a huge bonus, and the price for everything is extremely good for what you will get. Also became very good friends with the staff - some of the friendliest that I have interacted with in any gym! Highly recommend going, especially if you want to try a trainer, they have some of the best in the city."
"This location (Queen Village) has everything for everyone. Free weights, machines, cardio, classes, and more. There is never a large crowd, and in the past 5-6 months I waited for a bench maybe twice? I have also had a personal trainer, and the meeting times are flexible, and definitely goal oriented. Dexter(the trainer I was partnered with) is always available via texts to answer any questions I have. I've also noticed people commenting that this location is dirty and has rude/incompetent staff. FALSE. There is always someone cleaning, and the staff is all smiles."