There are lots of good personal trainers in Philadelphia, but not everyone who hits the gym uses them or thinks that they need to. So are personal trainers worth it? We think so, and here are four reasons why:

THEY SERVE AS MOTIVATORS – Have you ever tried to turn down a slice of cake, only to have your friends push it on you? It’s tough finding the motivation to stick to fitness plans, and all too often the people we love have a hard time being supportive. Sometimes, having even just one voice that will push you, encourage you, and affirm that you can do it is all it takes to gather the willpower and stick to a plan. And that’s what your personal trainer will do. They will not only help you come up with your fitness plan, they will offer you a combination of inspiration and tough love as you go through it. Having a motivator is one of the biggest factors in achieving fitness goals, and with a personal trainer you never have to worry about being alone on the path.

YOU GET A PERSONALIZED WORKOUT – There are lots of good workout products offered in videos, online, in gyms, and at community centers. But while these workouts can be useful, they are also one-size-fits-all. They do not account for your individual needs. Do you have an old injury, or a problem doing certain exercises? Do you need to focus more on the upper body than the lower body, or have certain “trouble spots” you want to work on? Your personal trainer will design and tailor your workout to your physical needs—and your goals.

BETTER (AND SAFER) TECHNIQUE – One of the advantages of having a personal trainer watching over you is that they can monitor your technique and make sure you are doing each exercise correctly. This is important for two reasons: effectiveness and safety. Exercises are much more effective when you maintain proper form, which can be hard to gauge on your own. And bad technique can easily lead to injuries. A trainer helps eliminate both problems.

RESULTS – The bottom line is, people report having an easier time reaching their goals and achieving the body they want when they have a personal trainer helping them. Have you ever used a personal trainer? These are just some of the things that the Sweat personal trainers can do for you!