The challenge runs 28 days with one earned day off. Participants will fill out the calendar with what they ate and their workouts every day. You only get one day off so choose wisely.

Sweat Elite Personal Trainers are here to see you succeed. If you like you can meet with a personal trainer and get measured before and after the challenge to see your progress. Make sure to take before and after photos! Sweat’s dietitians are also available for meetings to help you plan your diet for the month. Email dietitian@sweatfitness.com to make an appointment.

Complete the challenge and you could win big! All those that complete and give an A+ effort receive one free personal training session from Sweat. Also, one winner will be drawn to receive $200 worth of coupons from Pangea Juices and American Mortals Salon.

Studies say it takes 21 days to build a habit whether it’s working out or eating right. Imagine all the good you can do with the extra week of doing both! You’re already great, so why not become the best you you can be.





A 28 Day Challenge Guide has been made just for you! It includes: rules, deals, tips, contacts, and your calendar to fill out. The best part, it’s FREE! Print it out, put your name on it, and you’re ready to go. Please download and read it before you start!






Thinking about joining Sweat? Or want to participate in the challenge? Good news, you can!

For the month of February, non-members can come to Sweat for only $28! Try out the gym, and become the best you all in one. All the same rules apply for members and non-members.


Become a Sweat Fitness member after you finish the challenge, and your first month is FREE! You read that right, your first month as a Sweat member is on us.





For some this is the hardest part but it is essential for success. Each day on the calendar write down your workout. Writing it down will hold you accountable and make you honest about how much effort you put into your workouts. A workout is different for everyone. Some days you may run 3 miles and others a long walk is in the cards. Each day we want you to be active and record it.

Personal Training is a great way to get your workouts accounted for. Sweat recommends seeing a trainer twice a week supplemented by workouts on your own. If you want to learn more about personal training for the challenge email gmiller@sweatfitness.com.


You bite it you write it! Everything you eat or drink for the day gets recorded on that day of the calendar as well as the workout. We recommend getting 8 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Part of the challenge is to keep a clean diet so you have to eat healthy to stay qualified. If you break your diet write it down to hold yourself accountable to keep you from doing it again.


We love daily check-ins. Every day you can check-in with a photo on social media. Whether it’s your post workout selfie or a killer recipe, we want to see it all! If we like your post you could be featured on our page and win a prize!

When checking in be sure to tag @sweatfitness and use the hashtags #SweatChallenge and #BestYou. That way you and your community can cheer each other on and stay focused together! You can also check-in with your friends using the Sweat Fitness App (see next page). Make sure you use the hashtags to qualify for a feature and prize.

Tips and Tricks

Follow Sweat Fitness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for tips and tricks to keep you motivated or change up your workout! All the links to our pages are on our website!


If you complete your challenge which includes workouts and a clean diet then you are entered to win! Each participant that completes the challenge (we will know if you cheated) gets one free personal training session! When you complete the challenge you will also be entered to win $200 worth of coupons from our local businesses Pangea and American Mortals.



To officially register for the challenge email Greg Miller at gmiller@sweatfitness.com with your name and email!